It is amazing the number of renters that think they can not own a home when they actually can.  

Many buyers cite the lack of a down payment as the reason for not buying. However, there are two major federal loan programs (USDA Loans and VA Loans) that do not require a down payment whatsoever.  

Some renters cite the lack of credit to purchase a home.  However, FHA loans allow loans with credit scores as low as 580.  If you have a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale on your credit, the waiting period to purchase again is usually only 3 years but in some cases (VA Loans for Veterans) can be as little as 2 years.  Also, many credit issues that may be holding down your credit can be removed or modified possibly at little or no cost to you.. Inaccuarcies and unverifiable  information on your credit report can be disputed and removed.  Other issues can be resolved with a quick phone call to the creditor or a settlement for cents on the dollar.  Recent changes to credit scoring models have reduced the impact of medical debt on credit scores.

Others cite affordability as a a reason not to purchase, yet most renters can own the same home they are renting for less than their current rental payment.  With interest rates around 4%, affordability is at all time highs!

What is holding you back from your home purchase?  A quick phone call to Atlanta Home Connections easily be one of the best decisions financial decisions you ever made!