Dear Virginia:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for living up to my expectations of what a REALTORshould be. From the very day we signed the contract to sell my home to the final closing, you fulfilled every aspect of the process. I was especially impressed on how you called every single REALTORthat brought a prospective buyer through the home in order to get feedback and input, and then took the time to track me down to give me a weekly report - most of the time, a daily report. As a seller, this did several things: 1) It let me know that you were interested in selling my home; 2) assured me that you were staying on top of the market; and 3) that keeping me informed was an important part of the process for you. What more could a seller want!

However, I want to add one more positive note in this note of thanks to you. I know that the tension builds once an offer has been made to buy a house, especially from the seller's point of view. You made it as painless as possible for me, never once making me feel that every step was the critical one or the deal would fall through, and whenever I became edgy, you remained calm, efficient, and comforting to me. The closing went just like clockwork and there were no surprises. You had covered all bases prior to the meeting. That's the sign of a true professional. Thanks Virginia, and believe me, I will refer you to anyone and everyone that crosses my path that is interested in buying or selling a home. Regards,

Rita M. Bryan



Thanks for the way you helped Jerry and me with the purchase of our home. You really made it so easy for us. We can't wait to get in and get settled. Your surprise gifts meant a lot to us. Neither one of us expected anything and we sincerely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Thank you, Carol & Jerry



Your energy, curiosity and appetite for success are such great qualities -I admire your tenacity and your work ethic. Keep up the good work; you are appreciated!

Thanks, Kathy T.