Why join Atlanta Home Connections

That's easy! We are successful, easy to work with, just plain nice, and a lot fun. We are supportive of one another, not competitive. We are a boutique real estate firm and small by design. Our goal is not to be the biggest, we want to be the best. Don't you want to work with the best? I know we do!

Do you already have a thriving real estate business but need a change so you can get to the next level? No worries, here we won’t fix what ain’t broke. We won’t try to make you do ‘it’ a certain way.

At Atlanta Home Connections you will never be just another agent on our roster. When you join us you become part of our family. We take pride in the team oriented, family like, creative, and collaborative atmosphere we have created. We genuinely want to take an active role in helping you develop your career and skills, because your success is our success. Give us a call! We would love to chat about what Atlanta Home Connections can do for you.


What We Offer Our Agents

  •          No monthly office fees
  •          Competitive split packages
  •          Free 1 on 1 Broker support
  •          Free 1 on 1 business planning assistance
  •          Free Social Media marketing training to help you build your brand
  •          Free collaborative learning sessions
  •          Free coaching and script support
  •          Free Agent page on AtlantaHomeConnections.com
  •          Free @AtlantaHomeConnections.com Email account
  •          Free Google Docs and web based transaction document submission
  •          Free E+O insurance
  •          Conference room available
  •          GSCCCA.com access
  •          Free use of semi-private, daily use office suites
  •          Get paid at the closing table with our "pay at close" option for agents


Our History

Owner/Broker Virginia Horton-Lee began her journey to real estate success way back in 1997. She originally sold new homes for large national builders, but she was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug in 2007 and opened Atlanta Home Connections … right before the biggest market crash since the Great Depression.

It should tell you a lot that Atlanta Home Connections grew 290% during one of the most devastating economic crises in our country’s history. That’s right -- while other Real Estate firms were closing, we have been growing. Our expertise, reputation, and work ethic helped us withstand the Great Recession that took out so many of our competitors. 

Virginia has built her business on the belief that everyone deserves expert representation when they’re buying and selling real estate.

“This is the first time in the history of our nation that consumers really need us,” Virginia says. “It is very difficult to sell your own home these days, and it’s even harder to buy one without help.”



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