If you love living in the South, you are not alone! Penske Truck Rental recently announced the top ten moving destinations for 2015 and Atlanta finished first for the 6th year in a row!  According to Penske Truck Rental, "there have been two constants: our customers continue relocating en masse to the Sun Belt region of the United States and Atlanta winds up as the premier destination."

Penske Truck Rental 2015 Top Moving Destinations

  1. Atlanta (1)
  2. Phoenix (4)
  3. Tampa/Sarasota (2)
  4. Dallas/Fort Worth (3)
  5. Orlando (5)
  6. Denver (7)
  7. Houston (8)
  8. Seattle (6)
  9. Las Vegas (10)
  10. Chicago (9)

Previous year’s ranking in parentheses