Atlanta property owners jam at Blind Willie's.Blind Willie’s Blues brings big time Blues and Jazz music to the Virginia Highlands near your Atlanta property. As a small venue, Blind Willie’s opened in the late 1980’s as a place for hometown musicians to jam. Since then, it has established a reputation as a solid blues bar including winning several Best Blues Club Awards throughout the years. With a history of booking great jazz and blues bands there is always a crowd at Blind Willie’s, so plan to leave your Atlanta property early.

Grab a glass of Willie’s Swamp Water, a bottle of hard cider or a quality beer on tap and get ready to enjoy some sweet sounds. If you are hungry for some grub, Willie’s blends the flavors of Chicago, Memphis and New Orleans cooking guaranteeing some tasty eats for you to try. Locals enjoy the gumbo or snacking on sweet potato fries before the musicians step on stage. Blind Willie’s Blues is open Monday through Saturday evenings at 7 p.m. and is the perfect place to go to break up the work week monotony. Leave your blues records behind at your Atlanta home and come experience the music vibe live at Blind Willie’s. Check out which bands are playing at Blind Willie's Blues.